The gluing of components is becoming more and more popular in industry. The advantages of glued connections cannot be denied. We glue assemblies according to your specifications and specifications. A glued connection can often replace a welded connection. This often applies to reinforcement profiles behind visible surfaces.



  • Connection of various materials
  • The parts to be joined are not exposed to high temperatures
  • Bonding can also act as a seal
  • Large area connection of thin parts
  • Even distribution of tension
  • Weight reduction in light constructions
  • New possibilities in design
  • Glued connections can be elastic
  • Larger tolerances of the parts to be joined are possible
  • Reduction of crevice corrosion
  • Insulating against heat and electricity
  • Adhesive connections can dampen vibrations
  • No or only little rework


Application examples:

  • kleben-1
  • kleben-2
  • kleben-3